Work Together with CCIAOR To Stay Ahead of a Changing Market

Late fall, the CCIAOR Board of Directors passed a new strategic plan for 2018 through 2020. We have spent the first couple of months of this year refining that plan and creating a business plan to actually implement the goals and initiatives that we identified during the strategic planning process.

The Board of Directors worked with other volunteer Association members to answer three key questions: What do we do, Why we do it and Why do we exist? So, our strategic plan starts with our new mission:

CCIAOR cultivates professionalism through embracing change and empowering expertise.

We also advocate for issues, invest in initiatives, and build relationships to protect and advance REALTORS® ability to operate, a property owner’s ability to transfer property, and the community as a desirable and viable place to live and do business.

The initiatives that we identified were around advocacy, professionalism, engagement of members and how to effectively deliver those services to the industry. The pillars of work we will focus on are: Empower Excellence, Strengthen Value, Cultivate Professionalism, Operate Effectively, and Grow Influence.

For advocacy, it’s about strengthening value of the REALTOR® and growing the influence of the REALTOR® brand. As an Association, we advocate for laws that advance your business and your clients’ interests, market the value of using a REALTOR® in a transaction and advocate for the real estate market itself. That’s a very important part of what we do, whether it is in our local community, around the state, or nationally.

Your Association will also be placing an increased emphasis on professionalism; ensuring that Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket REALTORS® are are recognized as the real estate and local market experts in their sphere of influence. We do this by providing top-notch continuing education and professional development opportunities and by holding those who are REALTORS® to a higher standard of professionalism and responsibility by enforcing our codes of standards and ethics.

However, there is no way you can be a local market expert and knowledgeable in your field of business without effort on the REALTOR®’s part, which is where advocacy and engagement comes in. Here’s what I mean:

You need to know what’s going on.  Are you reading the industry and community news we put out on CCIAOR’s blog found HERE, reading our email newsletters or are you going to MLS Tours? For example, yesterday we updated the Chatham Tour on a proposed Chatham real estate transfer tax, so when your client calls you and ask about it, you can provide them with information. Are you attending events like our recent legislative breakfast, so you as a business owner (because that’s what an individual REALTOR® is) are prepared for the potential of having clients do energy audits prior to listing a house for sale, or collecting and remitting taxes as a “host” for the vacation rental property you manage? Or are you attending our Empower Hours to learn the latest with flood insurance or how tax reform impacts your clients and your own business as a real estate professional? If you are not, you are missing out on incredible opportunities to be more professional, grow your business, and enhance your unique value to clients.

This all contributes to the concept of professionalism. We cannot mandate professionalism – it has to come from the desire of each agent or broker to be better. We can give you the tools, the information, and the opportunities to become more professional, but in order to do so, you must be the one to capitalize on them. If we mandate more classes, more training, and throw the book at violators of the Code of Ethics – does that make someone more professional? No, because at the core of professionalism is the desire to be better.

So it is in this spirit that I ask: What is it you need to work on? What skills are you lacking that you want to improve in the next three years? What are your strengths that you want to continue to hone, and what is it that you want to learn more about?

Let us know, so we can help you work on them to become a better REALTOR®.