The purpose of the citation policy is to ensure the integrity of the MLS including the currency and accuracy of its information.

Steps to the New Citation Policy

1.) Warning

Everyone gets 1 per violation type in a rolling 12-month period

If not corrected in 24 hours, instant fine

2.) Uncorrected Violation

Money keeps adding up – up to $15,000 to be exact

3) Fines

Due within 1 month but we’ll remind you 10 days prior to the due date

4) Failure to Pay

Mandatory education to be taken by the violator within two weeks

5) Oops,
I Did it Again

After first offense of the same violation, instant fine & mandatory education to be done within 2 weeks. Sorry, no 2nd warning.

6) Failure to Pay or Learn

Lose MLS access until the fine is paid, violation corrected, and education is completed

7) Additional Offenses of Same Violation

$250 increase in fine with loss of MLS access until the fine has been paid and the violation corrected

PLEASE NOTE: You may request a hearing if you think a violation or fine was issued in error

Top 6 Citable Offenses and How to Avoid Them

#1 Violation – Documentation for Updated Listing Agreements: Failure to provide appropriate documentation to the MLS – when you withdraw, extend, or cancel your listing, signed paperwork with authorization from the seller is required within 24 hours.
How to Avoid this Violation Offense: Do not make any changes in the MLS until you physically have a copy of the written approval.

#2 Violation – Incomplete and Inaccurate Listing Agreements: Submitting listing agreements that are missing required information such as the listing price, expiration date, or signatures, to name a few.
How to Avoid this Violation Offense: Be sure that you submit the completed version of your listing agreement.

#3 Violation – Misuse of Public Remarks: Entering information into the public remarks that should remain private. This includes but is not limited to; agent phone numbers, open house information, and showing instructions.
How to Avoid this Violation Offense: Do not enter any information into the public remarks if it is not a description of the property for sale only.

#4 Violation – Delayed (Coming Soon) or Non-disseminated Listings: Not submitting an exclusive listing agreement that states the property is to be withheld from the MLS for a certain period of time due to preparation for market, or those that are to remain off the MLS.
How to Avoid this Violation Offense: Be sure that all exclusive agreements are uploaded or provided to the MLS office within 48 hours of all necessary signatures. Including those that are delayed and those not to be disseminated.

#5 Violation – Inaccurate Statuses: Failure to update a listing to the appropriate status.
How to Avoid this Violation Offense:
Understand the definition of each status by clicking here. Update your listings within the appropriate period of time, 24 hours for all changes besides Closed, which allows you 72 hours for the update.

#6 Violation – Misuse of the Directions Field: Not placing accurate directions into this field, such as GPS.
How to Avoid this Violation Offense:
Put accurate directions in this field and do not direct agents to another source for the information.

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