Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead by 2017 CCIAOR President Greg Murphy

Greg Murphy

It truly is amazing how quickly a year can pass. When I take the time to reflect on what we were able to do and focus on over the last year, I am encouraged by how much we accomplished as an organization.

Let me start by saying that those accomplishments were only possible because of the people that work hard every day to move the real estate industry forward. You, our membership, elected a volunteer Board of Directors that was able to look at what is good for the membership and the organization as a whole. And, any list of thank-yous would be incomplete without thanking our professional staff that takes care of the little things while looking at the future of the industry and is so helpful and supportive of the members. Through these combined efforts, we ensure that we are a forward-thinking organization that will keep REALTORS® relevant now and in the future.

The most misleading comment I hear from many members is that getting involved and getting into Association leadership takes time away from – and thus hurts – your real estate business. What I have found is that the time that I have taken over the last few years to volunteer – whether it was where I started on the Finance Committee, as Secretary | Treasurer, President-Elect and now President of the Association, has made me a better REALTOR®, a better manager of agents, and far more successful in real estate than I was before. Being involved has allowed me to meet and get to know other successful real estate professionals around the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket and to learn from them. It has also educated me about the issues and industry trends throughout the country that we all too often think we are immune to by being out here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The same issues, threats, and concerns that we have, 1.3 million other REALTORS® around the country have has well.

As I have represented CCIAOR at national, regional and state meetings over the past two years, the most eye-opening thing I have experienced is how comprehensive and well-suited to the present and future our Association is. When you hear what others are working on at one of the other 800+ local Association of REALTORS® around the country, I have found myself saying, “Well, we’re already doing that, and here is what we are working on….” The Cape Cod & Islands Association of REALTORS® is truly a leader in the REALTOR® Association world for the services we provide and the value to members and the industry we offer.

I say all of these words of praise to ask you to get involved.

We have several openings on the Grievance Committee and the Finance Committee, and will be announcing more task forces and groups in the coming weeks as we seek to implement our new strategic plan. You can see a list of our current opportunities here. We even have two Board of Directors seats that open in January — one for the Mid Cape Director (associated office must be located in the Barnstable, Yarmouth, or Dennis) and one for Director-at-Large (office can be associated anywhere). The Board of Directors will be naming people to those two seats in January, so contact me if you are interested in one of those.

In closing I want to highlight a couple of major items that we did accomplish this year:

  • The Transition to FBS’s FlexMLS product. I hear every day that some people love the product, others don’t like it, and then there are others that are indifferent — all three things can be said about anything in life. The increasing sense that I get is that members are beginning to understand and appreciate how well FBS sets our organization up for the future with its underlying technology. As members continue to adjust to the new system, many have grown to appreciate its versatility and customization to each agent’s needs. One common theme I hear is once you set up a training with our incomparable MLS Director Marcia Stirling, you come away more knowledgeable on the product and understand how it makes your real estate business more powerful and simpler to run. Book a training today by contacting
  • Extended our CEO’s Contract: Our incredible staff continues to impress me. Ryan, Marcia and Marissa have assembled a talented group that is responsive, educated, and knowledgeable in their positions. That was reflected in giving our CEO Ryan Castle a new three year contract that was negotiated over the summer and started on September 1.
  • Developed New Strategic Plans: The amount of work our volunteers put in developing these two new documents was remarkable, and you’ll hear more about them and our new direction as an organization in the coming months. We started the year with focus groups of agent and brokers and ended the year with several strategy sessions of about 25 volunteer members of the Association. We talked about trending issues in the industry, what the Association can do to adapt to them, and where our focus should lie. We’re putting together the business plans to go along with that strategic vision now, and look forward to sharing with you in January.

In addition to our accomplishments from 2017, we have many exciting things that we look forward to in 2018. Going forward, it is nice to know that we have such strong leadership in place for the future with Martha Knapp taking the reins for 2018 and Joe Arnao in position for 2019. I wish them the best in their new leadership positions and look forward to seeing them continue the great momentum we have built.

I will close by once again saying a heartfelt thank you to all of those that helped us accomplish our goals in 2017!

This article was written by 2017 CCIAOR President Greg Murphy.