Take some time to think about personal branding

By Aleta Azarian, 2015 CCIAOR & MLS President

As I was preparing for a recent sales meeting, I came across a fantastic article about personal branding. Branding is important for a REALTOR® to consider. By defining your strengths and growing your own identity, you are enhancing your ability to showcase who you are within your company. The article challenges you to look at what you bring to your business, what you bring to the table in terms of experience, talents, & strengths, and how to translate those attributes into a personal brand. Branding is about perception, right? So, why not have your clients and potential customers view you in the best light possible?

The article emphasizes that a brand isn’t just one thing, but rather, a compilation of various factors that speak to who you are, including professional demeanor, business acumen, knowledge of your industry, how you present yourself, what your professional profiles and social media pages say about you, and much more. In the article from more.com, Dorie Clark says, “your personal brand is what you stand for and your reputation – what others say about you when you leave the room. That doesn’t boil down to any one thing. But put them all together and these elements communicate to the outside world who you are and how you see yourself.” Clark goes on to say that your brand must have four elements: a mission statement, an updated wardrobe, a chic office, and lively social media.

This year at the Association, we’re thinking about branding, too! We are taking steps to enhance the perception and identity of the Cape Cod & Islands Association of REALTORS®. We will be making our brand stronger and more clearly defined than ever and taking the actions necessary to stand by our image and promote our reputation… We want to not just look the part but to BE IT and ACT IT. We recently adopted a NEW Strategic Plan that articulates Clark’s must have’s for a brand:

A Mission Statement: As I mentioned, our Strategic Plan (which you can read more about in the CEO’s column in this newsletter) defines our mission. It starts with making sure we’re delivering the tools and resources necessary so that you can better serve the public. It continues by ensuring that CCIAOR serves as the Voice for Real Estate for the Cape and Islands. The plan then lays out initiatives to get us there, and it is supported by action steps and the staff’s operational plan for achieving the mission.

An Updated Wardrobe: In the view of an organization, I take this to mean our staff. We’ve updated our staff and recruited new talent, energy, and enthusiasm. Ryan comes with his own set of knowledge and sphere of influence, and his talents and abilities will help our members tremendously, as well as enable us to achieve our mission, while setting forth new goals and objectives as we grow.

A Chic Office: We’ve updated the physical space of CCIAOR to reflect the mission of what and who we want to be. Our state-of-the-art board room is a phenomenal space for committees and small group meetings. The Conference Center at CCIAOR is continually updated, including everything from new carpeting to remote controls for our A/V system, as well as new technology and other cosmetic enhancements. We want you (REALTORS® and the public) to feel comfortable, motivated, and ready to learn, grow, network, and connect when visiting our meeting and events space.

Lively Social Media: Yes, we now have a staff that is social media savvy… Just take a look at our updated social media sites, and you’ll see a significant improvement to ensure we’re posting relevant information, not just about the Association, but also local and industry news for you to share with your clients. Our social media pages now reflect the activity and momentum we have conjured up in the past few months, so stay tuned for more photos and news from networking events, charitable endeavors, and all of the happenings at CCIAOR. Furthermore, our lively social media pages will be connected to our new Digital Strategy, in which we will launch our new Association website in the second quarter, to act as a portal to all the information needed to help you and your clients.

In conclusion, the New Year presents a new opportunity for you to become an even better version of YOU! Take some time to reflect and think about yourself personally and professionally, who you are individually and as a REALTOR®, including what you do, how others perceive you, and how it all translates to your personal brand. We, here at CCIAOR, will help you along the way, by providing the best tools and resources so that you can be the best YOU in 2015!

Here’s to much continued success and a wonderful and prosperous year!