Status Label and Photo Policy Changes Coming to CCIMLS on May 1

Status Label Updates

As of May 1st, 2018, the following status labels will be updated to better reflect their definitions.

Contingent will be

changed to Active w/Contingency. The status definition will remain as follows: Property has a fully executed offer, but the member and client will continue to market and show the property due to a contingency which has not been met. Active w/Contingency properties will continue to calculate DOM/CDOM and will expire should the contract reach its expiration date and not be extended.

Withdrawn will be changed to Temp. Off Market. The status definition will remain as follows: Property is being taken off the market temporarily, but a valid contract still exists.

Click here to download a status update cheat sheet


Photo to be Required Prior to Listing Being Active

Starting May 1st, all properties submitted into the CCIMLS software must have at minimum one (1) photo upon submission. This photo shall be the Primary Listing Photo, which can be updated upon the additional photo entry.

Properties will also be required to have one (1) exterior, front facing photo, which does not need to be the primary*

*Under Construction/To Be Built: Photo(s) must be clearly marked as such, on both the proposed photo/sketch submitted and in the remarks of the listing. A detailed sketch or rendering will be acceptable and should clearly state that it is proposed. Photo(s) taken from the actual land or a proposed floor plan marked as such are also acceptable.

Condominium: A photo of the sign in front of the development or a photo of the entire complex and/or unit, whatever is most applicable.

Land Listings: A photo or sketch of the property is acceptable.