Results and Takeaways from the recent CCIMLS member survey

We wanted to take an opportunity to report back to you on what we heard from the members on the electronic survey that over 25% of you took the time to answer and respond to.  As we have combed through all of the data to discover trends, digest your ideas and what you consider the value of the Cape Cod & Islands Multiple Listing Service, we want to respond directly to many of your responses and to follow up on many of your comments and suggestions.

A few takeaways we had from the survey:
– 87% of those who responded are at least somewhat satisfied with Rappatoni software;
– You value Tax Records, a Comparative Market Analysis tool, speed of the system, mobile accessibility and parcel mapping as tools within the CCIMLS.
– More than 70% believe they get good value out of CCIMLS.
– The largest concern revolves around the time associated with entering listings into multiple MLSs that you are a member of – primarily MLS PIN.
As you read the survey results, remember a couple of facts:
– CCIMLS is one of the largest 75 MLSs in the country out of more than 800 MLSs.
– CCIAOR is one of the largest 100 Associations in the country out of more than 1100 REALTOR® Associations.
– CCIMLS fees of $81 a quarter ($27 a month on average) are less than the national average for MLS access, which is $45 to $50 per month.
      Many of the things you asked for we are already delivering…
Reading over the survey results and comments, the tools you asked for – we already provide as having added new membership benefits within in the last year. Take a look below at some of the new additions to our CCIMLS Tool Box:
      Agents want a better mobile interface and search

48% said a mobile MLS that works with you while on the go is important. Recently, our MLS vendor Rappatoni launched the new mobile MLS Rappatoni Edge. We encourage you to take a look at it and if there are features that you would like to see improved or better in it, with your feedback, so we can work to make it better.

For instructions on how to save Edge access on your home screen of your tablet or phone or for quick instructions on various actions within Edge, CLICK HERE.
PRO TIP – the quick search on the mobile is better than the desktop version as you can search by address or even just street name using the search in the top right of the mobile interface.
      A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Tool

55% said that they value the CCIMLS offering a CMA tool, yet only 45% said they have used the CMA tool CCIMLS provides, Cloud CMA. CCIMLS started offering Cloud CMA as part of the CCIMLS Tool Box in April 2014.
Our MLS Director Marcia Stirling is available to come to your office and train members, more regular Cloud CMA will be held. Offices can contact Marcia for training at
 What is next for the Cape Cod & Islands Multiple Listing Service?
Based on your feedback in the survey, more conversations with members and a day long planning session among the Board of Directors, a plan for the next 18 months detailing the priorities and strategies of the CCIMLS is being developed. As soon as that plan has been established, we’ll report back to you with the initiatives and enhancements being made.
Remember, all of this is for the CCIMLS. Last year, the Board of Directors passed a new strategic plan for the Cape Cod & Islands Association of REALTORS, which has made tremendous strides to being implemented. You can find more on the CCIAOR Strategic Plan, HERE.