New Single Sign On Dashboard Coming February 1

Exciting Changes Are Coming to CCIAOR and CCIMLS With Our New Single Sign On Dashboard

As part of our continuing effort to providing our members with the best real estate technology to help them succeed, we will be updating all members to the new single sign on dashboard from Clareity Security on February 1st.
This new dashboard will be the center of your work day, enhancing your experience with a new convenient way to access all your CCIAOR and CCIMLS applications. You will still log in using the usual URL, but instead of being taken directly into the MLS or your Association account, you will be taken to the new dashboard. The new dashboard is will go live on February 1st and will be carried over to Flex MLS when we transition in early March.

This new dashboard will help simplify your workflow by allowing you to access all member benefits and third party applications from one place, including enhanced access to important areas of We selected the new dashboard to make your day-to-day business easier by providing you with faster, simpler access to the tools you need to effectively list, market and execute transactions.

On February 1st, to access the new Dashboard, you will need to do the following:
Username: Members must add cci. as a prefix of their U# in order to log into the new dashboard. For example, if your U# is U9876, you need to login with the following username: cci.U9876. This username will carry over to Flex MLS.
Password: You can use your usual password to login for the first time. You will then be prompted to create a new password that meets our updated password policy. If your old password meets the policy, you can feel free to use it again. This username will carry over to Flex MLS.

Other Important Tech News:

Flex MLS Preview Period to Begin on February 13th
The new Flex MLS ‘Preview Period’ will begin on February 13, 2017. During this time, Rappatoni MLS and Flex MLS will be running side by side, and we will begin offering trainings on Flex MLS. More information is forthcoming January 31 newsletter and at