New Member Dashboard: Common Issues And How to Fix Them

As you may know, last week we launched the new Member Dashboard. This dashboard was designed to bring all the important applications you may use in your daily business into one easy and secure location. Some agents have run into issues while accessing the new dashboard. Below, please find some of the issues and how to avoid them.

Issue: Bookmarked URLs

Solution: Please visit and bookmark this page. You should not use any other saved URLs.

Issue: Incorrect password

Solution: If you do not remember your password, you can contact All agent passwords that start with a zero will need to drop the zero to login. For example, your password is 0123, it will be 123 when logging into the dashboard for the first time.

Issue: You’ve set up your security questions and password; however, the system will not let you log in with the new password created.

Solution: Be sure that when setting up your new password you not only use 7 characters and include 1 number, but you are not using your first or last name. Agents who get kicked out after doing so may contact to gain access to the generic password that was assigned by Clareity Security (our dashboard software provider).  

With any other issues you may be experiencing, clear your cache in order to see if this rectifies the problem. You may contact if you have any questions or continue to have issues accessing your new dashboard.