New CCIMLS Membership Policy Changes Approved

The Cape Cod & Islands Multiple Listing Service Board of Directors made significant changes to the MLS Membership policies at their December meeting. The policies were recommended by a MLS Membership Policy Task Force that looked at outstanding issues throughout the fall and also worked on preparing policy changes in anticipation of rule changes by the National Association of REALTORS®, which the NAR Board of Directors approved at their November annual meeting.

Here is a rundown of the policy changes:

2018 CCIAOR & CCIMLS Membership Applications

2018 Membership Applications are now available and can be accessed at the links below. They will also be made available on our website at the end of December. The applications are form fillable and can be completed electronically or printed and filled by hand. If you provide copies of our application to new agents at your brokerage, please replace your existing application with the updated 2018 application. Previous versions of our applications will not be accepted starting in 2018.

New MLS Application Fees and Fees Policy


Effective January 1st 2018, the CCIMLS application fee for new Subscribers will increase to $250. In addition, new Participant companies will have a $500 CCIMLS application fee. There is no change to current CCIMLS members. The increased MLS Subscriber application fee will be inclusive of the $100 REALTOR® application fee — meaning any agents new to CCIAOR & CCIMLS you recruit will be subject to the $250 membership fee that will allow them to join both CCIAOR & CCIMLS.

Current CCIMLS member firms wishing to change their MLS Participant (DR) will not be subject to a fee. The new Participant application fee ($500) only applies to new firms wishing to join the CCIMLS. Also, for individuals who have been a CCIMLS member for 3 or more years, the application fee to create a new company as an MLS Participant would be reduced to $250.

The motivation for this fee increase is not to generate more money for CCIMLS. There are substantial changes to CCIMLS membership policies that the National Association of REALTORS® has mandated adoption of in 2018, and the Board of Directors feels the application fee is an appropriate fee to raise at this time. Additionally, the Board of Directors has approved required training for new CCIMLS members starting in April 2018 which will require CCIMLS to assume more expenses, and the Board feels the best way to recoup the costs of training new subscribers is through the application fee.

*Note that 2018 access fees for CCIMLS Participants and Subscribers will remain at $324 a year, billed and due on a quarterly basis ($81 per quarter).*


The Board also voted to amend the reinstatement policy for CCIMLS membership as outlined below effective January 1st, 2018:

Individuals who voluntarily end their CCIMLS membership or individuals who are suspended for nonpayment and wish to rejoin within a 12-month period must pay past fees from the date their membership ended as well as any applicable late fees. Accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months do not need to pay past fees but must pay the application fee of $250 for Subscribers and $500 for Participants to rejoin.

As a reminder, CCIMLS membership will be suspended and a late fee of $25 for CCIMLS Subscribers and $75 for CCIMLS Participants will be applied to all account not paid 30 days after the quarterly due date. The CCIMLS Participant late fee is higher because Participants have a greater duty as the responsible member of their company.


The Board also approved the adoption of a Medical and Military Waiver for CCIMLS membership fees in the event of a serious medical condition or military deployment.  For more information on this waiver, please contact Note: A CCIMLS Participant is not eligible for the waiver if they have affiliated CCIMLS Subscribers.

MLS of Choice Policy Implementation

The National Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors recently passed a new policy that must be implemented by every REALTOR®-association owned MLS by July 1st, 2018. The policy has become commonly known as ‘MLS of Choice,’ and it reverses a long standing optional MLS membership policy that many MLSs around the country enforced, including CCIMLS. The policy required all Participants to pay for all licensees within a particular office location even if the licensees did not want to access or use the MLS system, database, or services. However, this policy change still allows those who choose and want to be members of multiple MLSs to still continue to be.

As a result of the policy change, effective April 1st 2018, CCIMLS will be providing a no-cost waiver option of MLS fees and charges for licensees affiliated with an MLS Participant who can demonstrate their subscription to another MLS. More details on the change from NAR can be found here. CCIMLS is in the process of developing a subscription waiver that will be made available to participants in February and will go into effect April 1st, 2018.

To be eligible for the subscription waiver, licensees affiliated with a Participant must meet the following criteria:

  • Waiver Applicant is currently an active member with another Multiple Listing Service that meets the criteria for a Multiple Listing Service as defined by the National Association of REALTORS® OR Waiver Applicant exclusively works with rentals;
  • Waiver Applicant will NOT act as a representative for any active Listing included in the CCIMLS;
  • Waiver Applicant will NOT directly or indirectly access or use in any manner whatsoever the Listing information stored in the CCIMLS that is limited to only CCIMLS participants and subscribers. Such access and use includes, but is not limited to, direct access to or use of the CCIMLS and the use of the other devices or services provided by the CCIMLS or its affiliated or licensed vendors or suppliers that permit access to and use of any confidential Listing information from the CCIMLS;
  • Waiver Applicant will NOT use, directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever information from the CCIMLS to list properties for sale or lease, to identify or locate properties for any potential buyers or lessees, and does not participate in CCIMLS; and
  • Waiver Applicant will NOT access any non-listing services offered by CCIMLS including but not limited to attending MLS Tours and trainings.

More details on the waiver and waiver process will be made available starting in February 2018.

MLS Training Requirement for New Participants and Subscribers

The Board approved a new training requirement for MLS access. Effective April 1st 2018, all new CCIMLS participants, subscribers, and assistants will be required to complete an online training on the CCIMLS Rules & Regulations and tools of CCIMLS, including an overview of the FlexMLS software prior to receiving their login credentials. This change will provide a better experience for all of our MLS users. Additional information about the training requirement will be provided closer to the April 1st effective date.