Smart home technology is moving at a rapid pace and REALTORS® need to be aware and know what it is, so when showing a house they can fully accentuate all the features and know how these connected features work together as a selling point. Recently, the National Association of REALTORS® Center for REALTOR® Technology was at the Consumer Electronics Show. Here were their 5 takeaways:

  1. Increased focus on air quality

  2. Google has arrived in the smart home technology landscape

  3. Aquaponics systems are gaining steam as people want more locally grown produce

  4. Technology that makes cities smarter for particularly air quality and mobility — and of course, autonomous cars

  5. Voice control integration is getting deeper and more sophisticated.

Read the entire takaways from NAR CRT Labs, HERE.

The voice control integration has the ability to most noticeably affect and enhance your ability to sell a house. Check out how Kohler is integrating into houses in this video:

Read more about Kohler Konnect, HERE, in this Tech Crunch article.

And of course, stay abreast on all things Smart Home Technology on CCIAOR’s Smart Home Technology Resource page.

And HERE is REALTOR® Magazine’s slidshow from the Consumer Electronics Show, which includes 3-D blueprints and a wi-fi booster for your car — both potentially products that may benefit the REALTOR®.