Quick Tips to Maximize FlexMLS

Running Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA is now available to use from within the listing selection area of FlexMLS. To auto-populate several listings into Cloud CMA, check off all the listings you wish to populate the listing numbers of and click the ‘CMA’ tab as shown to the left. It will then drop down and you can choose ‘Cloud CMA’ and the application will open and auto populate the listing numbers you chose.

To run a single property CMA or Property Report, click the CMA deep link integration within the property detail tab. Clicking that tab will only populate the listing number being displayed in the detail tab.

Custom Hot Sheet

You may run two kinds of custom Hot Sheets: a Quick Search Hot Sheet and a Saved Search Hot Sheet.

To run a Quick Search Hot Sheet, select which history events you would like to see from the box on the left side of the screen (New Listing, Price Change, etc.). Then choose starting and ending dates from the Time Period portion of the screen.  If you do not want to use specific Start and End dates, you can use the Relative Days Back feature to run a Hot Sheet up to 45 days back from today’s date. To switch from the standard date range to relative days back, click on the double arrow icon.  Then, enter the number of days back for which you would like to run the Hot Sheet. When using the Relative Days Back feature, you will not be able to choose the exact Start and End time; instead, the Start time will default to midnight of the day to which you’ve gone back. Finally, select your property types, price range, etc., then click the Run Quick Search Hot Sheet button.

To run a Saved Search Hot Sheet, select which history events you would like to see from the box on the left side of the screen (New Listing, Price Change, etc.). Then choose starting and ending dates from the Time Period portion of the screen. Finally, select your saved search from the Saved Search portion of the screen. Then click the Run Saved Search Hot Sheet button.

Market Areas

Market Areas are simply a collection of saved Hot Sheets. To access a saved Hot Sheet, click on Market Areas under the Daily Functions tab. With this function, a fast overview of any particular Hot Sheet may be accomplished. Choose the Hot Sheet to be viewed from the list of Available Market Areas on the left. On the right, a description of that Hot Sheet will appear. The description will contain the information relating to the saved search or property type that is used for the Hot Sheet. Under Results, the number of new listings for each section of the Hot Sheet will appear.

To update any section of the Hot Sheet, click on the number of matches and the new number of matches (in the past 24 hours) will appear. To update the entire Hot Sheet for new matches, click on the Update All link above the results. To view any one section of the Hot Sheet, click on the section name. To view the entire Hot Sheet, click on the View All link above the results.

To edit an existing Market Area, choose it from the list of Available Market Areas and click the Edit button. Any saved market area, or Hot Sheet, may be removed by selecting it from the list of available market areas and clicking Remove.

To create a new market area, click the New button.

24-Hour Market Watch = Hot Sheet

Accessing a 24 Hour Hot Sheet is easy! Your Dashboard may already have a Hot Sheet module that displays information pertaining to the whole MLS. You can add as many of these Hot Sheet modules as you would like by clicking Customize in the top right of the page, then Add Gadgets, click on Daily, and lastly click Add Gadget when the Hot Sheet option displays.

To adjust the area that your Hot Sheet defines, click the chevron to the top right of the module, then Settings. Less is more! If you want to see an entire town, only click on one town. If you wish to see a few towns, hold down your CTRL key and click the few towns you wish to show data for.

Radius Search

There is not an actual search labeled Radius, but there are many ways that a radius search can be done within the FlexMLS system. Visit Searches, Map Search, then choose your property type, click the red pin in the bottom right corner and enter any address. A box will pop up that will allow you to run a radius search around said property.

Using the Quick Launch bar, you may simply type in ‘near’ and then a listing number and it will bring up listings within a 2 mile radius. You can then Edit Search or click Map to narrow down further. You may also do any mile radius by entering 1 mile from, or 3 miles from any listing number, etc.

Team Access

Team agents will continue logging into the Member Dashboard with the cci.u# credentials as individuals. Once in FlexMLS, you may add and edit listings without changing your user credentials; however, should you wish to work as your team, you will visit the box with your initials in the top right corner of the page, then enter cci.t# credentials, then click Use. This is to better protect your data in the CCIMLS and ensure no unauthorized access to the system.

As to whether you work as yourself or the team depends on whether you want your contacts and interactions with those contacts to be under your individual ID or the team ID.

In addition, CCIMLS recently added a new team policy. Please read HERE and submit the appropriate paperwork to be set up as a team.

Compare Tab

While in a group of listings, you may choose to use the Compare tab in order to gain quick access to statistics related to the group of listings chosen. You may also view the Search Statistics toggle to gain additional data.


After narrowing down your search and selecting the properties you wish to use, click the CMA tab, then Use Selected. Select Statistical CMA, then Next at the bottom. You will now see the Fannie Mae 1004MC.

No Access to Expired Listings

If you are trying to update an Expired listing, you will need to contact mlssupport@cciaor.com. Listings that have Expired no longer have a contractual relationship and therefore may only be reactivated by CCIMLS staff after the appropriate paperwork has been received.

Multi-Family & Land Property Types

In order to have more accurate and standardized data and to achieve a higher level of certification per the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary, Multi-Family properties must be separate from Residential properties. The Multi-Family property type is ONLY for the listing of properties containing multiple dwelling units. A listing containing a single condominium property should be under Residential, sub-type – Condo.

Selling a piece of land for residential construction needs to be under Land > Residential per the Real Estate Standards Organization Data Dictionary and as such Land has been removed as a subtype under the Residential property type.


When uploading a document, you will want to choose one from the Documents list provided below the Document File area. Should you choose to upload a document that is not available on the list, you may do so by typing into the Description box under the Document File. To keep a document private, you must choose a label that is considered Private or it will be Public and viewable by all CCIMLS participants and subscribers.

The following are documents labels that are private: Listing Agreement, Extension Agreement, Pending Conditions Document, Price Change, Broker Reciprocity Addendum, and Withdrawal/Change Form

Taxes, Realty Insite & Mailing Labels

RealtyInSite is available on the listing detail tab. That tab will link directly the property details within Listing Detail and includes the information that was previously linked to the Tax ID within Rapattoni.

The taxes tab and the member dashboard also link to the main page in RealtyInsite to begin tax and property records searches. Mailing labels are now done within RealtyInsite. For directions on how to do those, click here.

Hits = Listing Activity

Within your listings, you can find a Listings Activity link (in the drop-down next to the listing number). Listing Activity is a fancy new way of viewing your agent/client hits. It will also include people who saved the listing and what other properties people are viewing.

Closing A Listing

When marking a property Closed, the Selling Agent is the Buyer’s Representative. If there was a Co-selling Agent; however extremely rare, you may use the box below. If a non-member brought the buyer you will want to use member, unknown or u00f.

The co-selling agent is just to comply with CCIMLS’s new rule that allows exclusive co-listing and co-selling agents.

Help & Video Tutorials

From each page within FlexMLS, you may click the Help tab and get an overview of how the functionality of that page works. Click the chevron next to Help and you can access a plethora of videos, user guides, and more.

You will also have access to the FlexMLS support team available from 9am-10pm EST Monday through Friday. Reach CCIMLS staff by emailing mlssupport@cciaor.com.

Creating Listing Collections

FlexMLS Quick Reference Guide

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Incomplete Listing Report

You are now able to create a report of your incomplete listings. This feature allows you to view, print, or email a report. Having this feature will let your clients preview the information you have entered into the system prior to submittal. Click on the incomplete listing of your choice and then Print or Email at the bottom of the page.