Agent Safety Update: The 10 Second Rule

No, it has nothing to do with a piece of food hitting the floor (we all know that’s 5 seconds anyway). The 10 second rule has to do with your safety. The nature of the real estate business puts agents at risk every day – whether you feel like you’re in danger or not. Use the 10 Second Rule to check out your surroundings on showings, open houses and in other situations to help you avoid danger. Make it your new daily habit!

  • Take 2 seconds when you arrive at your destination.
    Is there any questionable activity in the area?
    Are you parked in a well-lit, visible location?
    Can you be blocked in the driveway by a prospect’s vehicle?
  • Take 2 seconds after you step out of your car.
    Are there suspicious people around?
    Do you know exactly where you’re going?
  • Take 2 seconds as you walk towards your destination.
    Are people coming and going or is the area unusually quiet?
    Do you observe any obstacles or hiding places in the parking lot or along the street?
    Is anyone loitering in the area?
  • Take 2 seconds at the door.
    Do you have an uneasy feeling as you’re walking in?
    Is someone following you in?
  • Take 2 seconds as soon as you enter your destination.
    Does anything seem out of place?
    Is anyone present who shouldn’t be there or who isn’t expected?

We also recommend that you make sure to let a colleague or a trusted friend know where you are going when you head out on listing appointments, showings, and open houses. This adds an added layer of safety to your day-to-day business.

MAR and NAR provide valuable tips and lessons to help REALTORS® protect themselves every day. Click here to learn more tips on safety provided by MAR. Click here to learn more tips on safety and watch an informative video, provided by NAR, that can be shared with your clients to inform them about the importance of REALTOR® safety.