MLS Reminders: Listing Agreement Uploads & Interactive Emails

Listing Agreement Upload

Agents who uploaded listings between the dates of March 6, 2017 and March 31, 2017 will want to be sure that they have uploaded a listing agreement. During this time-frame we had to deactivate the requirement for document upload while Flex transferred the appropriate documents from our previous MLS software. If you make any changes to your listing and there is no agreement attached, it will become unapproved no matter how long it has been on the market.


Interactive Email

It is a known fact that the vast majority of consumers are viewing listing information on their mobile devices. Using the FlexMLS interactive email will allow your clients to view the listing data sent in a responsive, easy to view manner.

Once listings have been selected to send, click the Email tab, then Interactive Version. To make this one step easier, when you get to the page that allows a choice between the Interactive Version and Printer Friendly Version, scroll to the bottom and check the box that states “Don’t show this again (I know I can email the Printer Friendly Version from Print) tab.