Many ways to get involved

Get InvolvedThere are several great ways to get involved – some that require a larger time commitment than others, but nonetheless many different options. We are about to start the election process for members of the Board of Directors, we have several openings right now on appointed committees, we are about to start the election process for members of the Board of Directors and there are many ways throughout the year to informally be involved. Check them out below:

Board of Directors

We have an open and inclusive process to become a member of the Board of Directors. If you are interested, check out the qualifications and positions open this year, here.

Appointed Committees

We have some openings on appointed committees.

Finance Committee
One opening on the CCIAOR/CCIMLS Finance Committee. Term runs through end of 2016.
Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings to review financials with special meetings in fall to review and recommend the proposed annual budget.
Purpose: To be aware of the overall financial status of the Association and MLS; 2) To review the financials of the organization each quarter and to make any necessary recommendations to the Board of Directors; 3) To review the proposed staff annual budget and to recommend an annual budget to the Board of Directors; 4) To hold hearings on the proposed budget to obtain questions from members and/or input on proposed programs; 5) To develop and make recommendations to policy and procedure changes regarding the finances of the Association and MLS.

Election Committee
The Board of Directors is looking for at least 3 volunteers to serve on this Committee.
Time Commitment: All activities happen during 2-months in fall; most meetings are via email and require in-person for any paper counted ballots.
Purpose: To be the independent body to ensure Association and MLS elections are carried out in an independent manner; 2) To count any paper ballots cast during the elections; 3) To ensure staff meets the required deadlines of the prescribed election process in the bylaws.

To put yourself in consideration to be appointed to the Finance or Elections Committees, contact CCIAOR CEO, Ryan Castle, at or 508.957.4300.


We also have many groups that meet throughout the year that advance the initiatives of the Association. Take a look below and tell us what group you are interested in being added to.