Legal Hotline: The Legal and Ethical Limitations of Offering Client Rebates

The offering of rebates to clients at the close of a transaction has become more common as a marketing strategy in some business models, especially in extremely competitive markets. However, doing so, raises legal and ethical limitations that REALTORS® should be aware of when offering rebates.

Answer: Although it is both legal and ethical for you to do so, the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Brokers and Salespersons place clear requirements and limitations on the use of offering gifts or incentives:

  • REALTORS® are prohibited from sharing their commissions, fees or other valuable consideration with an unlicensedindividual. A REALTOR® may, however, offer gifts to their clients as part of a specific real estate transaction. For example, a REALTOR® may pay their client’s closing costs or provide their client with a cash rebate at closing. This sort of payment must only be made to a party to the transaction.

  • REALTOR® Code of Ethics permits the offering of prizes or merchandise discounts even if receipt of the prize or discount is conditioned upon listing or buying a home through a specific REALTOR®. Any offer of a prize or discount must clearly state the conditions that must be satisfied in order to qualify.


Any rebate made to a client must be included on the Closing Disclosure.

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors advises all REALTORS® who provide an incentive of this type to their clients to first consult with a tax attorney or accountant to discuss the potential tax ramifications of this practice.


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