Session 3 – Sustaining Leadership Success

“It was great to be a part of this Session! So much information to take in!”
Cassidy O’Conner, Leadership Academy Class of 2018

With 18 years of experience in her field, consultant, executive coach and educator Sarah Scala brought her high energy to our third leadership academy session that was held at CCIAOR in W. Yarmouth.

Sarah shared methods to help develop sustained leadership using hands-on interaction and group discussions. The dialogue comprised of thought-provoking topics such as mentoring, resilience building, optimists & their habits and more.

A great deal of ideas, information and resources were exchanged in a short timeframe. However, the group understood how it could all benefit their goals of finding solutions and strengthening interpersonal skills in their lives for positive change.

To learn more about Sarah Scala, visit her website here.