Important FlexMLS How-Tos: Schedule a Showing & Pick a Location

Schedule A Showing Feature


This great feature allows you to send an email to a listing agent to request a showing with one click of a button. It is important to understand that this functionality does not work for reciprocal listings. Be aware that if you do use this functionality on a reciprocal listing, the listing agent will not be contacted. Instead, you need to look at the listing detail, which will provide contact information in the Private Report or within the Agent Remarks.


Choosing a Location

Many agents are selecting the wrong data for entry of a listing into the MLS. It is allowing for bad data throughout our system in the important category of ‘Village.’

When inputting a listing, CCIMLS has worked hard to buy the best data possible and two combinations of that data are from are from the tax records and the post office. However, for properties in Barnstable County that data often conflicts and as the listing agent, you are in the best position to clarify what data should be used.

When setting the location of a listing within FlexMLS, it is important that you select the location that you know to be correct, even if the Geocoder lists a different one. Members know the locations of these properties better than anyone else. Incorrectly locating a listing can cause it to not show up on hot sheets or during village searches.