If you have provided us with a signed copy of the original Participant Agreement, you should have received an emailed amendment. No action needs to be taken; however, should you not agree with the amendments you must discontinue using CCIMLS services within 30 days of notice.

Designated REALTORS® (DRs) who have not signed the Participant Agreement will want to consider doing so. The point of this agreement is to allow DRs to choose from two options pertaining to the registration and enforcement of their copyrights.

Copyright Option 1 will permit CCIMLS to acquire the copyrights in data content relating to the Participant’s listings. CCIMLS will then be responsible for obtaining copyrights from the Participant’s agents, registering the copyrights, taking action to prevent infringement, and granting listing brokers the right to use data relating to their own listings. CCIMLS will also refrain from distributing Participant data (except for core MLS purposes) unless the MLS has the Participant’s consent. CCIMLS obtains a license only to use the copyright protected content for core MLS purposes.

Copyright Option 2 is an opt-out, which will allow brokers to negotiate their own copyright registrations and prevent third parties from unauthorized use of Participant’s listing data.

Click here to read the Participant Agreement. Any questions or completed documents can be directed to mlssupport@cciaor.com.