FlexMLS Conversion Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our mission to provide our members with the best real estate tools and technology available, we will be launching the new FlexMLS in early March. This launch will be a major step forward in terms of usability, capabilities and adaptability to real estate in the 21st century.


Additionally, there will be a preview period with FlexMLS starting February 13th.

During this time period you will be able to test the features of FlexMLS while continuing to enter your listings into Rappatoni. This will allow you to get first-hand experience with the new MLS provider while continuing to run your business.

Online training will start on February 13th and in-person trainings will begin on February 28th.


Q: When will be begin training on the new MLS software?

A: CCIMLS and Flex MLS will be hosting a live Getting Started webinar on February 13th. There will be several other Getting Started classes held across the Cape and on both Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our communications regarding the training schedule. These classes are hosted by both CCIMLS and Flex MLS; they are your best chance to get training from the software provider.


Q: When can I start using the new MLS software?

A: FlexMLS will run parallel with Rapattoni MLS starting February 13th. You will use the FlexMLS system to run and update your saved searches and your contact searches, and to familiarize yourself with the new software. You will continue adding and updating your listings in Rapattoni until the evening of March 2nd.


Q: Can I enter my listings into FlexMLS once the systems go parallel?

A: No. You should only be using the system to test the search function, update saved searches, update client saved searches, and add new clients.


Q: Can I still use Rapattoni while the systems run parallel?

A: Yes, but you should only add and update listings in Rapattoni during the parallel period. You should NOT add any clients or searches to Rapattoni MLS after February 9th, as they will not be transferred over to the Flex MLS software.


Q: Will I have to update my searches once the switch is made to Flex MLS?

A: Yes, you will need to update your saved searches since the search fields mapped to the new system may differ.


Q: Will I have to update my clients?

A: You should not have to update your client list; however, since the mapped fields may differ between systems, you will most likely have to update the saved searches you had created for your clients. FlexMLS suggests that you use the parallel time to update all searches starting February 13th. You should let your clients know about the upcoming switch to Flex MLS so they are not taken by surprise.


Q: When will we lose access to Rapattoni MLS?

A: Rapattoni and FlexMLS will go into ‘Read Only’ mode on the evening of March 2nd. You may use Rapattoni for reference purposes only during the ‘Read Only’ mode. You will have access to FlexMLS; however, you will not be able to add or edit listings until our ‘Go Live’ date of March 6. Rapattoni will be turned off completely at that time. There will be no adding or editing of listings during the ‘Read Only’ period between the evening of March 2nd and morning of March 6th. We recommend alerting your clients to ‘Go Live’ date and entering all listings into Rappationi prior to March 2nd or waiting until March 7.


Q: Will there be any additional training once the system goes live?

A: Absolutely! FlexMLS will be coming back to do additional training on the software at the end of March. Marcia Stirling will be holding additional classes at the Member Service Center and other locations as needed. She will also be available for office trainings starting in April.