FlexMLS Updates: Fax-in Option To Be Discontinued, More New Features Coming

Fax-In Service Being Discontinued

The FlexMLS Document Fax-In service has had waning usage over the last year, so FlexMLS has decided to discontinue it on October 4, 2017. Agents currently using this service should plan to use alternative tools, such as scanning the documents or using a mobile phone to create images or PDFs of the documents.


Document Upload

When uploading a ‘Private’ document such as a Listing Agreement, Price Change, Withdrawal form, Extension, etc., be sure to choose the appropriate document from the drop-down menu. In doing so, the system will recognize that the document is in fact ‘Private’ and in the case of an uploaded Listing Agreement, that the listing should get approved to go live.

If the document you are looking for is ‘Public’ and not available within the drop-down menu you may fill out the Description box prior to uploading.


New Features Coming Soon

On September 12, you will be able to see the date when searches, subscriptions, and listing collections were created and updated. This will help you keep track of not only how old they are, but it also allows you to see when you last modified them, providing valuable insight into each search, subscription, and collection you create.


Saved Search Screen

On the Saved Search screen, select a search and the Date Created and Date Updated for the search will display at the top of the Description. If the search is used for a subscription, the subscription information shows when it was created and last updated.


Contact Management Screen

When viewing a contact’s Searches/Subscriptions tab in Contact Management, select a search and the Date Created and Date Updated will display at the bottom of the Search Parameters. If the search is used for a subscription, the Subscriptions information will show when it was created and updated.


Listing Collections

On the Listing Collections screen, select a collection and the Date Created and Date Updated are available under the Description.


On September 14, when you invite contacts to use the Portal, new help text will alert you if multiple contacts have the same email address. Because your contact’s primary email address is used as the username when logging in to the Portal, two different contacts who use the same primary email address cannot have separate, active Portals. This change will only affect a small percentage of Portal users, but it helps clarify the Portal invitation and transfer process. If this change affects your contacts, keep reading for a more detailed explanation below.


Duplicate Email Address Warning

If you send a Portal invitation email during the process of creating a new contact, the system will automatically check to make sure that the new contact’s email address isn’t already associated with one of your existing contacts. In the example below, the new contact’s email address is already being used by an existing contact.

If the system detects that the email address is associated with an existing contact, a notification lets you know that the email address is already in use. Click Cancel to change the new contact’s email address, or click Continue to create the contact with the duplicate email address. If you click Continue the new contact will not be able to use the Portal and no Portal invitation will be sent.


Transfer Portal Username to a Different Contact

When you have multiple contacts with the same primary email address, you may want to transfer the Portal Username from one contact to another contact. To transfer the Portal Username to a different contact, go to Contact Management, select the Contact that does not currently have access to the Portal, go to their Portal tab, and click Invite to Portal.

A popup alerts you that the email address is already being used as a Portal Username by another one of your contacts. Click Continue to transfer the Portal Username to the current contact. The contact will now be able to login to the Portal using their primary email address as their username.


Please note that the password associated with the Portal does not change when you transfer the Portal Username. If necessary, the contact can use the Forgot Password link on the Portal log in page to reset the password. Alternatively, you can use the Reset Account option on the Portal Tab in Contact Management to send the contact a password reset email.


Once you have transferred the Portal Username from one contact to another, the Portal belongs to the new contact. The new contact will not see the News Feed, Saved Searches, or Saved Listings associated with the previous contact’s Portal usage.