Enthusiasm marks a great time in real estate

Gregory MurphyI want to take a moment to thank the 200 of you that came to the CCIAOR & CCIMLS Holiday Party at Chatham Bars Inn earlier this month. It was a great event and really captured the essence of this association at its finest – daily competitors coming together who truly enjoy each other on a professional and personal level to celebrate the industry and our association as whole.

For those who could not be there, I wanted to take a moment and share some of the thoughts I expressed there. First, it could not be a more exciting time to be involved in our Association and MLS. We’re talking and dealing with issues that will have a dramatic increase on our immediate market and also in years to come. We truly are discussing the issues that at the forefront of the industry.

And that focus on the issues that truly matters is because of the Board of Directors. The men and women who make up the Board of Directors are a pleasure to work with. They are thoughtful, collaborative and respectful when discussing issues.

That tone was set by our 2016 president – Laura Usher. Laura has put in countless hours on our behalf and the dignity, intelligence, class and sense of humor she brought during her year as president made our board stronger in the end. I hope when you see Laura in the field, you will thank her efforts.

Our staff is incredible. They are some of the most talented in the country in their respective positions. They understand the workings of an association, the association’s role, the importance of good and transparent governance, and their strong relationships throughout the country benefits us on a daily basis as members.

I have been fortunate to be at the center of what I view as the most meaningful decision our leadership has made in quite some time. While the decision I will say was ultimately, the Board’s it was by no means a leadership decision as the entire process to select a new MLS vendor was driven by our members — our members in surveying and the members who volunteered their time to serve a total of more than 40 hours of their time to go through the vendor search process.  You can continue to monitor the transition progress at www.CCIMLSupgrade.com.

While this is just one initiative, albeit the most high profile — we’ve also decided to launch several more you’ll see in short order as well — to upgrade technology and bring both our Association and MLS into the modern world.

This first half of 2016 will be an adjustment period for all of us. It will be more of a change because we put off necessary technology changes out of fear for some time; however, we can not make decisions based on fear any longer. Instead, we must move forward and show we are committed to putting a high-quality product that can compete with any other product in the country. So, we will all have to adjust and in due time, I firmly believe the majority will enjoy our direction.

The value of the Association itself is unparallel. Getting involved (and you can here) benefits you as a practicing REALTOR. You learn more, you gain experiences and at the end of the day, you will be able to serve your clients better. I encourage you to get involved and if there is not a place that suits you, I encourage you to call either our CEO Ryan Castle or myself and talk to us and we’ll find a spot to plug you at some point.

It has never been more clear to me of the power and the role the REALTOR community plays in protecting our industry. Being privy to the regulations and issues that face homeowners and us as practicing REALTORS has never been greater. Our advocacy efforts work. Whether it is at the local, state or national level — we have obligation to protect our industry and while we have made progress on that, you’ll see a continued move to protect those interests. And the easiest way for you to do that will be in June by visiting Beacon Hill with us for REALTOR Day.

I wish you well during the holiday season and ask for your support and enthusiasm as an industry as we move forward.

By CCIAOR & CCIMLS 2017 President Greg Murphy