What do you get out of being a REALTOR®?

I posted a comment in one of these many Facebook national real estate groups when someone was asking about whether they felt others got their money’s worth for being a REALTOR®. My comment was:

I thought I’d take this month’s column to expand on this topic, because I hear all too often “What do I get out of being a REALTOR®?” While I feel there is tremendous tangible value (Zipforms, RPR, free classes and events), what I feel is more valuable is the intangible value that exists. Quite simply, the Association of REALTORS® makes the industry better.

I mean that. This is exactly what your local, state, and national association of REALTOR® should be doing for you:

  • Be an organization looking out for your business, your clients, and defending the right to own property in this country;
  • Be a place to share best practices, network and collaborate with others in the industry, and access knowledge to make you better at your job;
  • And an organization that organizes real estate competitors under a common umbrella of holding each other accountable to a Code of Ethics.

If you do not feel, we do this. Let’s chat – I’d love to hear about how we can do more of one of these tenants. If you want to help us do these things, let’s chat – there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and help us do this.