Contingent Options Now Available in FlexMLS

New Flex Features: Contingent Options

We have added the Contingent Option chosen to the Detail tab and report view of listings. We have also added a yellow box with a red C next to the Contingent status, which when hovered over will display the option chosen for the contingency. Lastly, we have add Contingent Option to the Residential Quick Search Template so agents may search for specific Contingent Options such as a Home Sale Contingency.


New Flex Option-Contingent in Market Areas

On September 6, Contingent will be available as a History Event when using Market Areas. This ensures that Market Areas and Hot Sheets have the same History Event options available. Additionally, the Reversal History Event will no longer be an option, as it is no longer used on Flexmls Hot Sheets.

To add or edit Market Areas, use the menu to go to Market Areas and either select an existing Market Area and click Edit, or click New to create a new Market Area.

Click here to learn more about creating Market Areas.