CEO’S TAKE: You & Your Broker Decide Where To Send Your Listing, Not the MLS

There are only three people that control where your listings go – you, your seller and your broker. Contrary to what some believe, the MLS isn’t one of them!

A false statement I frequently hear from some of our members is ‘Why does CCIMLS send our listings to Zillow [or fill in the blank of another website] – I don’t want my listing there!? ” The answer is simple – we do not send your listings to Zillow, Trulia or other similar websites. We simply facilitate your listing being sent where you want it to go. Where your listing gets sent is a decision you make as a listing agent, and one your broker makes as a manager — and one that you should make in consultation with your seller.

What Actually Happens

CCIMLS’ gives agents and brokers the tools and the ability to send listings wherever the agent, broker and home seller agree to send them. We also work as an organization to set agreements with the recipients of your listings so that when you choose to send a site a listing, the data is displayed, treated and presented in an accurate way and under certain parameters. Our job as an MLS is simple: To ensure that the data you are sharing is accurate, ensure compensation between cooperating agents and to provide you the tools to do your job well.

If you don’t like the way a particular site displays your listing, you can simply choose to not send your listing there. As long as it conforms with your brokerage and CCIMLS rules, you can market a home however and wherever you want — and again I stress — in consultation with your seller.

How CCIMLS Approaches Syndication

Our current approach to syndication is to give you the control and power to decide where to share your listing. Effectively marketing the home is your business, not ours. Were we to issue a heavy-handed, top-down decision about listing syndication, that would be taking power and control away from you and dictating to you how to run your business. All we do as an MLS is to set the broad parameters – you choose how you want to work within them.

How to Control Where Your Listing Gets Sent

I did want to take a moment to explain some of the inner workings, so that you have a better understanding:

  • CCIMLS provides a pathway for an agent and brokerage to transport its listing directly to Zillow,,, Cape Cod Media Group and should they choose to do so.
  • We also provide a path to other websites through ListHub, a major listing aggregator. There are hundreds of websites that receive listings through this aggregator.
  • 45% of all listings in CCIMLS are driven solely by an MLS feed. What that means is that 55% of all listings in CCIMLS are taken and syndicated through a brokerage or franchise feed and the listing data presented is not directly from the MLS itself, but through the brokerage or franchise technology.

For those with broker and franchise feeds, all listings start with CCIMLS. You enter a listing in CCIMLS. CCIMLS then feeds the listing to your broker or franchise back end, and your broker or franchise back end feeds it out to Zillow and other sites. This creates a delayed listing on Zillow. – Some use this purposeful and opt their brokerage feed out of the CCIMLS direct feed to Zillow. Their brokers supplement that broker or franchise feed with the CCIMLS feed to ensure updates and information is more timely on Zillow.

How To Check Where The Listing is Coming From

For, all data comes from MLSs. That website does not take broker or franchise feeds for display — only MLS data, which is why it touts itself as more accurate in their advertising.

On the Zillow Group sites (Zillow, Trulia,, there is a “listing provided by” area shown below:

CCIMLS sourced listing display:




Broker sourced listing display:




In addition, CCIMLS gives you easy access at the broker level and at the agent level to choose where you send your listing when you enter it into the MLS. If you do not know how, contact and we will do it for you.

Brokerages have the ability to set their permissions in the settings area of the FlexMLS product as default for all of their agents.

CCIMLS gives the listing agent further control over where an individual listing is sent. This feature is found under the ‘Listing Export’ tab under listing input and maintenance area.

How CCIMLS is Improving Your Listing Experience

We added a new CCIMLS Data Manager position this year and hired Nick Blair to manage data feeds, ensure compliance and troubleshoot data problems. A major function of his job is working with the syndicators to make sure they are displaying the correct data and correcting any problems your listing display has on any website. So, if you see a problem, drop him a line at and he can help you work it out.

The article was written by CCIAOR & CCIMLS CEO Ryan Castle. You can contact him at or at (508)957-4300.