What the CEO is reading….and you should too for February

Here is a collection of news and links to issues trending in the real estate industry that our CCIAOR & CCIMLS CEO Ryan Castle found interesting and took away from the past month:
A couple of quick takeaways in our CEO Ryan Castle’s mind on Zillow’s move above:
– In a follow-up email with Zillow executives, they still will allow agents to manually enter ‘Coming Soon’ listings in MLS areas where there is no ‘Coming Soon’ status.
– Moving away from listing input, further, solidifies the case Zillow has been saying since inception that it does not want to be an MLS. They have no interest in dealing with listing input, the offer of compensation, the rules and fields and all the messy stuff MLSs have to facilitate.
– This acknowledges what Zillow has been saying for several years – the truest form of data is the MLS and they want MLS data as it’s the most accurate.
3 read-worthy posts from FBS, creator of Flex MLS, CEO Michael Wurzer:
And a great post about Agent Training programs from Rob Hahn: