Why CCIMLS’s mobile first strategy matters – A LOT

We hear all the time from REALTORS® that your clients buying on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket look more at properties on a desktop than a mobile device – essentially devaluing the power of mobile-friendliness and responsiveness. Well, we have news for you – the data shows that is not true. The fact of the matter is that a majority of the time when a real estate listing from is viewed online, it is viewed on a mobile device. The National Association of REALTORS® data says that 58% of all homebuyers are looking at listings on a mobile device in their 2017 Generational Trends Report. That’s not just a slice of millennials or Gen-Xers; NAR’s data is inclusive of all demographics.

CCIMLS’s own data confirms this. Since the launch of FlexMLS as a new product in our suite of services, more views from clients and consumers have occurred on mobile devices than desktop devices. This is a trend that will almost certainly continue, and one that was an important factor in our decision to launch Flex MLS. We made the choice to go with FlexMLS, in part, because of how well it works on mobile devices; a choice that we believe will help you advance your business now, and in the years to come.

So what does this mean for you and your business? We’ve created a handy check list to help you ensure your clients and consumers are seeing the listings you are sharing with them in the best possible format:

1) Make sure the listing you share is a link out of CCIMLS’s Flex MLS product
None of the other MLSs in the region have responsive design for mobile when sharing a link to a listing out of their system. This means that your listing will look the way it should on a mobile device without any ‘pinch and zoom’ or small, cluttered text. Here is what your listing looks like when a link is shared and a consumer views it on a mobile device:

2) Make sure you set up your client to receive email alerts from you in FlexMLS
If your client is constantly on websites searching for the newest listings, set them up to receive the new listings “ASAP.” They will get them quicker from you than they get alerts from other national websites because FlexMLS’ platform delivers listing alerts faster than the national sites. Even the emails are responsive to enhance your client’s mobile experience.

3) When you email a listing to a client directly, make sure you choose ‘Interactive Version.’
The interactive version sends your client a responsive link that allows the client to see a responsive version, geared to the device they are on. Here is a screenshot of when you choose that version within the FlexMLS software:

Giving your clients a great mobile experience makes you look better.

Every interaction with your client is a chance to make an impression that deepens your relationship with them, impresses them, and furthers the chances that they become a repeat client and refer you business in the future. Sending them listings and reports that look great and work properly on mobile puts you ahead of agents using competing systems that create a mobile experience that’s hard to view or includes inaccurate data. Even the mundane interaction with clients helps you from a marketing perspective, if you execute them well and deliver value.

Our mobile first mentality also means that we are mobile first with you, the CCIMLS Participant and Subscriber, as well. Make sure you have downloaded the Flex MLS mobile app for the best mobile experience. In case you haven’t here is a link to the IOS app and the Droid app:

Flex MLS Pro for IOS

Flex MLS Pro for Android App

Lastly, if your client is an IPhone user, be sure to set them up as a contact and they can download the client version for Flex to ensure they are getting the latest listing alerts  directly from you and nowhere else and gives them an app to search for properties and connect directly with you, their REALTOR®:

Flex MLS for Clients for IOS