Q. How do I do a quick address search in FlexMLS?

A. There are many options for doing an address search in FlexMLS. If you know the full address, you may start typing it into the Quick Launch Bar at the top of the page. You may also use the address search options found within the Menu. Lastly, if you are using the Quick Search Template, you may enter the address in the search bar at the top of the template.

Keep it simple by putting a street # and name or just the name, then click enter twice. If you need to adjust the status, town, etc. be sure to click the Exclusively Of option to change it to Of, this will allow you to narrow down the criteria.

Q: How can I run a search for Condo Complex Name when it is missing from the Quick Search Template?

A: The Quick Search Template is defaulted to include both CCIMLS and MVMLS data. MVMLS does not use the fields associated with Condominiums and therefore the Quick Search Template does not include the Condo Complex Name field while both are defaulted. You can click All MLSs to select CCIMLS or MVMLS if you would like the specific template for either.

You may also visit the Menu, under Preferences, and click General Preferences. From here, you can permanently default CCIMLS or MVMLS as opposed to both.