The CCIMLS Board of Directors recently passed a new MLS Team policy. Below outlines the background of the issue and an overview of the new policy.


As teams have become more commonplace in real estate, CCIMLS responded by allowing teams to be identified as such inside the CCIMLS system. This allowed the teams to carry its branding in terms of who the listing is by and also for identification for real estate statistics purposes.

However, as teams have proliferated, questions have arisen from members wanting transparency about who is on a team, how are statistics handled when a team is assembled and dissolved, what constitutes a team and, lately, we were getting requests for agents trying to jump from team to team on a seemingly weekly basis.

As such, the Board of Directors created a ‘Team Policy Task Force’ with a focus on creating a policy deciding how teams get created for purposes of the CCIMLS system itself. The team policy is not meant to define any marketing or operations regarding teams that happen outside the CCIMLS, and we advise REALTORS® to discuss individual brokerage policies with their broker when setting up a team as many brokerages themselves have distinct policies, best practices and/or guidance.

New Policy

The policy starts with defining a team as “two or more CCIMLS participants and subscribers from one company acting as one for all transactions.” All teams will be identified in the CCIMLS system and can be clicked on and have all team members displayed on one page. Per the new policy, a CCIMLS participant or subscriber may only be on one team at a time. If you are on a team, all listings must be under the team name; however, you will continue logging into the Clareity Dashboard as yourself.

The task force also recognized that many teams are two person teams who might rather be exclusive co-listing agents and to accommodate this, CCIMLS will allow exclusive co-listing agents from the same company on one listing. (Please note: both individuals would need to be listed on the listing agreement to be co-listing agents inside CCIMLS).

  • Agents must fill out an application and have it signed by their Participant (DR)
  • Starting January 1, 2018 a $100 processing fee will be assessed and no historical stats may be transferred
  • Any changes to a team must be reported by the Participant (DR) on the appropriate Team Change Form
  • Beginning January 1, 2018 a $25 processing fee will be assessed if an agent makes more than 1 change in a calendar year.

If you have any questions, contact the CCIMLS staff for more information about teams at or at (508) 957-4300.

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