Leadership Academy Session 7 Recap


Topic: #EngageCapeCod  “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” – JFK Kennedy spoke these words at his inaugural address on January 20, 1961. Adjust it to read, ‘Ask not what your community can do for you – ask what you can do for your [...]

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Leadership Academy Session 6 Recap: The Cape Cod Commission


‘The Cape Cod Commission’s mission is to…keep a special place special… To protect the unique values and quality of life on Cape Cod by coordinating a balanced relationship between environmental protection and economic progress.’ Many members of the public don’t know the Commission’s mission statement, or that the Commission offers an enormous amount of information [...]

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Leadership Academy Session 5 Recap


Have you ever used DISC to understand your communication style and the style of others? It is a very interesting way to determine behavioral traits centered around four different characteristics, including dominance, inducement, submission and compliance. Jen Vondenbrink, an Instructor for the Center for Corporate & Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College explained where [...]

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Leadership Academy Session 4 Recap: All About Customer Service


Did you know there are only 83 5-star resorts in the U.S. and just 199 world-wide – and Wequassett Resort in Harwich is one of them. Sales & Marketing Director Kara LaChance spoke to the group on the subject of Wequassett’s rise from a 4 to 5 star resort - and how theymaintain this merit [...]

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Leadership Academy Session 3 Recap


Session 3 – Sustaining Leadership Success “It was great to be a part of this Session! So much information to take in!” Cassidy O’Conner, Leadership Academy Class of 2018 With 18 years of experience in her field, consultant, executive coach and educator Sarah Scala brought her high energy to our third leadership academy session that [...]

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Leadership Academy Session Two Recap


Session Two - Resolving Conflict in Your Life “You don’t have to attend every conflict you’re invited to.” –Cape Mediation The 2018 Leadership Academy group participated in a 2-hour Cape Mediation workshop, ‘Build Bridges – Not Walls’ tailored to our industry and led by Executive Director Carol Connelly and Board Member Diane Panisire. For the [...]

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Leadership Academy Session One Review


Session One: It’s All About Teamwork!   March 15th kicked off the 2018 Leadership Academy – and it was a great start to the Program! All 12 REALTOR® participants assembled at Riddle in Mashpee. Here, introductions were made, rules were reviewed and a summary of the Leadership Program was presented by CEO Ryan Castle. If [...]

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