Pending and Sold Data Update


At the CCIAOR & CCIMLS joint Board of Directors meeting on April 11, the Board voted to authorize the CEO to execute agreements with both Zillow and to provide pending data and sold data. This action came after extensive feedback from members gained through active listening that board members and staff have done since [...]

Pending and Sold Data Update2018-04-19T17:06:53+00:00

Status Label and Photo Policy Changes Coming to CCIMLS on May 1


Status Label Updates As of May 1st, 2018, the following status labels will be updated to better reflect their definitions. Contingent will be changed to Active w/Contingency. The status definition will remain as follows: Property has a fully executed offer, but the member and client will continue to market and show the property due to a contingency [...]

Status Label and Photo Policy Changes Coming to CCIMLS on May 12018-04-03T19:46:18+00:00

Are You Using RealSatisfied?


As a member of CCIMLS, you have access to a complimentary RealSatisfied Agent LITE account! RealSatisfied is a customer satisfaction platform designed exclusively for the real estate industry that allows you to send customer satisfaction surveys to both buyers and sellers at the close of a transaction in an effort to collect valuable testimonials which [...]

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New Reports Available & How to Schedule a Showing


We are pleased to announce that we have launched 2 new reports, the 3 Up Comparison and the 6 Up Comparison.                 Please email if you have any suggestions or feedback. Schedule a Showing Feature Did you know that you can schedule a showing from within each [...]

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24-Hour Hot Sheet Update


The 24-Hour Hot Sheet will remember the criteria you used the last time you ran it. From the Menu, select Hot Sheet. On the 24-Hour Hot Sheet, use the available filters to focus your hot sheet on specific towns, property types and more. After viewing the listings, the next time you run the 24-Hour Hot [...]

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FlexMLS Update – Listing Input & Dimensions


Listing Input – CCIMLS has moved School District and Mass Use Code into the Main Fields area of the listing input form in FlexMLS and they will now be auto-populated. While we work to make the listing input process more streamlined, we are currently reviewing all the fields in the Detail tab on listing input. [...]

FlexMLS Update – Listing Input & Dimensions2017-10-07T20:54:27+00:00

REMINDER – No FlexMLS Fax-In Option After October 4th


Reminder As of October 4th, there will no longer be a FlexMLS fax-in option. Please scan and upload documents to the system directly, email a copy to, or fax a copy to 508-437-7948.   What’s the Difference Between a Subscription & the Portal? Definition of a Subscription: A Subscription is a way to send [...]

REMINDER – No FlexMLS Fax-In Option After October 4th2017-10-03T02:27:11+00:00

MLS Reminders: Listing Agreement Uploads & Interactive Emails


Listing Agreement Upload Agents who uploaded listings between the dates of March 6, 2017 and March 31, 2017 will want to be sure that they have uploaded a listing agreement. During this time-frame we had to deactivate the requirement for document upload while Flex transferred the appropriate documents from our previous MLS software. If you [...]

MLS Reminders: Listing Agreement Uploads & Interactive Emails2017-09-26T12:13:03+00:00

Contingent Options Now Available in FlexMLS


New Flex Features: Contingent Options We have added the Contingent Option chosen to the Detail tab and report view of listings. We have also added a yellow box with a red C next to the Contingent status, which when hovered over will display the option chosen for the contingency. Lastly, we have add Contingent Option [...]

Contingent Options Now Available in FlexMLS2017-09-04T17:55:55+00:00