Brewster revises definition of a bedroom

The Town of Brewster Board of Health has put into place a more property-rights friendly bedroom definition that is a win for homeowners. This applies to the number of bedrooms for the purpose of sizing a septic system.

The new bedroom definition closely follows the Title V definition. It reads:

“Any portion of a dwelling which is designed to furnish the minimum isolation necessary for the use as a sleeping area and otherwise meets the following criteria:

  • Floor space of no less than 70 square feet

  • For new construction a ceiling height of no less than seven feet three inches;

  • For existing houses and mobile homes, a ceiling height of no less than seven feet zero inches;

  • An electrical service and ventilation; and

  • At least one window.”

The Brewster Board of Health staff answered several questions regarding the implementation of this new definition to clarify the new definition:

  • “minimum isolation” is being interpreted to mean a door
  • the door to the basement or another level is not considered “minimum isolation” in itself.

Every home will be considered as having at least three bedrooms and if a single family dwelling total number of rooms exceed eight, then number of bedrooms will be calculated by dividing total number of rooms and divided by two.

The previous definition the Town of Brewster used was more restrictive and included more rooms as bedrooms than this definition.

Read the Town of Brewster’s “Bedroom Definition for the Purpose of Sizing a Septic System.”

For more information, contact: Health Director Nancy Ellis Ice at 508-896-3701 ext. 1120 or email at