Are You Using RealSatisfied?

As a member of CCIMLS, you have access to a complimentary RealSatisfied Agent LITE account!

RealSatisfied is a customer satisfaction platform designed exclusively for the real estate industry that allows you to send customer satisfaction surveys to both buyers and sellers at the close of a transaction in an effort to collect valuable testimonials which may help to generate new business.

Your RealSatisfied account includes easy-to-use widgets to assist you in publishing your ratings and approved client testimonials to Facebook, Twitter, your websites/blogs, and just about anywhere online. You control 100% of what gets communicated anywhere!

To claim your account, visit

Below are some helpful guides to get started:

RealSatisfied Overview

Cloud CMA Integration

Publishing Testimonials to Facebook & Twitter


MLS Reminder

If you use Expired listings to solicit business, please make sure that the properties have not been relisted prior to contacting the seller. This will prevent any potential violations that could stem from such an action.