CCIAOR would like to thank the following members who have committed to be RPAC investors in 2018. RPAC – the REALTORS® Political Action Committee – works diligently to ensure that legislators take action on issues that are important to homeowners and the real estate industry. If you are looking to learn more about RPAC and to get involved as an investor, CCIAOR will have several opportunities available through the end of the year.

Golden R Major Investor ($5,000 first year, $2,000 to sustain)

Annie Blatz  •  Gregory Kiely  •  Lisa Parenteau

Sterling R Major Investor ($1,000+ per year)

Annie Hart Cool  •  Diana Lucivero  •  Donna Gemborys  •  Douglas Azarian
Gregory Murphy  •  Joan Witter  •  John Augat  •  Richard Waystack  •  Ryan Castle

Commonwealth Club ($500+ per year)

Elaine Miller  •  Robin Gunderson  •  Tracey Oringer

Bay State Club ($250+ per year)

Aleta Azarian  •  Catherine Stevens  •  Christine Wendt  •  Elaine Odell  •  Gary Livingston  •  Nancy Griffin  •  Serena LoPiccolo-Smith Shane Masaschi  •  Wendy Beaulieu

Beacon Hill Advocates ($100+ per year)

Debra Caney  •  Douglas Reece  •  Eric Steenstra  •  Gail Rodgers  •  Joseph Arnao  •  Julius Nugent  •  Lesley Heidt  •  Martha Knapp    Peter Fasano  •  Ralph Secino  •  Sonja Fellman

To learn more and donate to RPAC, please click here.